Hi, I’m Flavia!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! If you haven’t guessed it by now, Peonies are my all time favorite flowers, I LOVE dogs (and alllllll the animals!) and I spend most of my free time playing in the kitchen.

Here you will find me baking, cooking and trying out new recipes, as well as making good ol’ classic recipes gluten free!

Not only will you find my own creations on my blog, but also recipes I find around the internet, in magazines and cookbooks, or TV (I’m pretty much open to any source or inspiration), that I have turned into gluten free perfection!

My mom’s side of the family is Italian, so as you can imagine, I grew up around food and parties. I loved watching my mom and Nonna cook it up in the Kitchen as a kid, and getting my hands dirty in the kitchen as we made homemade pasta and other family recipes.

There is something nostalgic about recreating some of my Nonna’s and mom’s dishes, and making them gluten free.

I am pretty certain that my love for cooking and entertaining stems from the way my family showed their love through food, and coming together for simple meals.

As a result, I love doing the same for my family and friends! Hosting little gatherings at our home allows me to pour my heart out, in cupcake and cookie form, so to speak. 😉

My Mission

Aside from baking (and my three doggies, of course) those of you who know me know that I love nothing more than to throw little get-togethers at our house.

Dinner parties, pool parties, hot tub nights, holidays, you name it! If there is ever the slightest reason to get together with our friends and family, my husband, Jon, and I are all in!

That being said, my goal is to not only show you that creating gluten free recipes is simple, but to put together my best tips and tricks for hosting events in your own home!

I want to give you the confidence and flexibility of throwing an amazing dinner party with delicious, no fuss gluten free recipes for everyone to enjoy, whether they follow a gluten free lifestyle or not!

This is why I have decided to dedicate an entire section of my blog to sharing all the tricks up my sleeve that will allow you to gracefully throw unforgettable, and most importantly, stress-free gatherings.

My friend, Kristina, did not name me “Hostess with the Mostess” for no reason, you know 👸.

Making the Switch

It used to be that gluten free options where few and hard to come by. I am so grateful that we live in a time where we have SO many choices and options when it comes to out diet choices.

So many people have gluten sensitivities and they don’t even know it! Gluten can sometimes be the culprit when it comes to fatigue and inflammation in our bodies. If you feel like you may be sensitive to gluten, there is not reason to eliminate it completely from your diet.

I want to show you that cooking and baking gluten free recipes does not have to be hard nor bland! It’s so easy to swap out conventional wheat flour for gluten free options.

We are so lucky to have access to so many alternatives right at our fingertips! Most supermarkets today are extremely well stocked and, if not, there is always amazon!

That being said, my wish is that you have fun browsing and creating easy gluten free recipes from my website and that they will inspire you to get cooking!

We only get one body, so make sure you treat yours kindly and make healthy choices when possible. Love your body, and your body will love you back.

And now, to wrap things up, I leave you with cuteness overload of my three doggos; Kyla, Lilly & Dougie 💕

Thank you for stopping by!